Our Story

Our Story

Hello! I’m Lyndsy, a fashion and accessories maven and magpie, from Donegal Town. Stylish Sparkles was created inspired by my own love of style and accessories, and in tribute to my late mother, Lily, my best friend, who was renowned for her sense of style and amazing ability to accessorise. I feel I inherited this love of style from my Mum, and Stylish Sparkles is very much my passion, as well as a reminder of my Mum and a motivation for me to help others share in our fond love of fashion.

I believe accessories have the power to make you feel truly special - whether for a big occasion, or to enhance an ordinary day, that sparkly addition to your outfit can transform you inside and out. We all deserve to place a finishing touch to our outfits, to reflect our personalities and individuality. Whether you love statement pieces, or simple adornments, I source affordable, on-trend and classic pieces regularly. My vision is for Stylish Sparkles to be a treasure trove that you can come to, to find inspiration and something new. 

Here and on social media I’d like you to see Stylish Sparkles as that friend who gives you style-advice and helps you complete an outfit, and feel good about yourself. Each time you visit Stylish Sparkles, you’ll discover something new and perfect for you – or find a gorgeous gift for a loved one. We hope you love our pieces as much as we love finding and sharing them with you! And remember, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Stylishly yours, 

Lyndsy xoxo